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Many people have asked me about my music so here are some of my playlists, so here you go! More playlists to come 

January 2013 Playlist (60 minute class):


Song: Resurection (Robot’s Outro) Artist: PPK Album: Resurection

Song: Weatherpeople (Instrumental) Artist: RJD2 Album: In Rare Form

Song: Into Artist: The xx Album: xx

Song: The Drift Artist: Blackmill Album: Miracle

Song: Radioactive Artist: Imagine Dragons Album: Night Visions

Song: Dubfire Artist: Adham Shaikh Album: Fusion

Song: The FireFighter Artist: Casey Harris

Song: You Wish Artist: Nightmares on Wax Album: In a Space Outta Mind

Song: Moon Artist: Little People Album: Mickey Mouse Operation

Song: Bloodstream Artist: Stateless Album: Bloodstream – EP

Song: Radiohead-Exit Music for a Film-(piano version) Artist: Radiohead Album: Brad Mehldau

Song: Follow Me Artist:  The MakePeace Brothers Album: MPB SlowDownFeelLove

Song: Alone in Kyoto Artist: Air Album: Talkie Walkie

Song: Twice Artist: Little Dragon Album: Little Dragon



February 2013 Playlist (60 minute class):


Song: Mystical Trance Artist: Shamanic Dream Album: Anugama

Song:  Nataraja Artist: Ben Leinbach & Jai Uttal Album: Music for Yoga and Other Joys

Song: Spiritual Spy Artist: m-seven Album: activate

Song: Bad Wings Artist: The Glitch Mob Album: Drink The Sea

Song: Comfort Zone Artist: General Fuzz Album: Soulful Filling

Song: Alone in Kyoto Artist: Air Album: Talkie Walkie

Song: Dawn Artist: Garth Stevenson Album: Flying

March 2013 Playlist (60 minute class):


Song:  Spirit of Life Artist: Blackmill Album: Miracle

Song: This City is Killing Me Artist: Dusty Brown Album: This City is Killing Me

Song:  Palace of the Innocents Artist: The Glitch Mob Album: We Can Make the World Stop – EP

Song: Stay Crunchy Artist: Ronald Jenkees Album: Disorganized Fun

Song: Teardrop Artist: Massive Attack Album: Mezzanine

Song: Super-Fun Artist: Ronald Jenkees Album: Ronald Jenkees

Song: Daydream In Blue Artist: I Monster Album: Neveroddoreven

Song: Moon Artist: Little People Album: Little People

Song: Alone in Kyoto Artist: Air Album: Talkie Walkie

Song: The Light Artist: The Album Leaf Album: Into the Blue Again

Song: Hideaway Artist: Karen O and the Kids Album: Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

Song: Horizon Artist: Garth Stevenson Album: Flying

Song: Shanti-Peace Out Artist: MC Yogi Album: Elephant Power



July 2013 Playlist (75 min class):


Tides, Garth Stevenson (Album: Flying)

Revolve in the Sun//My Footfalls Are Superfluous, Bichi (Notwithstanding)

Think Tank, m-seven (activate)

Flux, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Counting Out Horizons in Discrete Steps, Bichi (Notwithstanding)

Flying, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Nataraja, Ben Leinbach & Jai Uttal (Music for Yoga and Other Joys)

A Love Song, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Dawn, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Horizon, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

The Light, The Album Leaf (Into the Blue Again)

Spiegel im Spiegel for violin and piano, Tasmin Little & Martin Roscoe (The Very Best of Arvo Part)


August 2013 Playlist (75 min):


Invisible, m-seven (activate)

Floating Sweetness, DJ Drez (Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs)

Revival, Beats Antique (Blind Threshold)

Crystallize, Lindsey Stirling (Lindsey Stirling)

Fireflies (Instrumental), Wax Tailor (In the Mood for Life, Instrumentals)

Changes, Mala (DEEP MEDi Releases Vol. 1)

Spiritual Spy, m-seven (activate)

Nectar Drop, DJ Drez (Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs)

Krishna’s Dub (feat. Marti Nikko & Domonic Dean Breaux), DJ Drez (Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs)

A Love Song, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Horizon, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Arches, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

ABoneCroneDrone 3, Sheila Chandra (ABoneCroneDrone)

The Southern Sea, Garth Stevenson (Flying)



January 2014 Playlist (60 min):


Lotus Sutra, Blue Tribe (Deep Buddha)

Avatar, Blue Tribe (Deep Buddha)

Sun King, Blue Tribe (Deep Egypt)

Tonight, Tourist (Tonight-EP)

Next to You (Instrumental), Dante (Next to You-EP)

The Way of Sakayama, Blue Tribe (Deep Buddha)

Heartbeats, Tourist (Tonight-EP)

I Have No Fear, Tourist (Tonight-EP)

Revolve in the Sun//My Footfalls Are Superfluous, Bichi (Notwithstanding)

Cloud Beings, Blue Tribe (Deep Spirit 2)

Ancient Circle, Blue Tribe (Deep Spirit 2)

Sunrise, Garth Stevenson (Alpine)

May 2014 Playlist:


Breath Me, Sia (Colour the Small One)

Pure & Easy, The Dining Rooms (Numero Deux)

Whirl // A Stream of Comfort, to Cool and Surround Me, Until I Lose Sight of my Own Defeat, Bichi (Notwithstanding)

Revolve in the Sun // My Footfalls Are Superfluous, Bichi (Notwithstanding)

The Way of Sakayama, Blue Tribe (Deep Buddha)

Play, iamwhoiami (Kin)

Sean, Aya (Strange Flower)

Bittersweet Symphony, Vitamin String Quarter (Strung Out, Vol. 7)

Comfort Zone, General Fuzz (Soulful Filling)

Riverside, Agnes Obel (Philharmonics)

The Water (Red Demos), Feist (The Reminder)

Teardrop, Vitamin String Quarter (A String Quartet Tribute to Massive Attack)

ABoneCroneDrone 3, Sheila Chandra (ABoneCroneDrone)

Reflection, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Dark Red, Garth Stevenson (Flying)

Shanti (Peace Out), MC Yogi (Elephant Power)

February 2015:


Behold, Joey Fehrenbach (Mellowdrama)

Indigo Dream, Zero Cult (Dreams in Stereo)

Hayling, FC Kahuna (Machine Says Yes)

Vessel, Jon Hopkins (Insides)

Holographic, Kodomo (Patterns & Light)

Daylight, Eastern Sun (We Are One)

Nissim, The Gaslamp Killer (Breakthrough)

Dawn, Eastern Sun (We Are One)

Warm Steel, General Fuzz (Soulful Filling)

Go Inward, General Fuzz (Soulful Filling)

Fuzzy Prayer, General Fuzz (Soulful Filling)

Immunity, Jon Hopkins (Immunity)
Abandon Window, Jon Hopkins (Immunity)





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